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Ok ok...Velious is now truly complete! ST 2.0 Ancients are dead. Bring on cats on the moon!

Wampuel looks great as a corpse ;)

Two SoDs, a Gnome Mask, and a Monk Robe later Reckless can call ST 1.0 and Velious complete!

AOW and Vulak down!

Gerhart a posted Sep 5, 18

We've had quite the week! Reckless one-shot every dragon in TOV and the AOW! Very fun and smooth kills.

Congrats on the loot guys!

If you are looking for a guild and can raid on European prime time hours, please visit our forums or get in touch with Jobned, Quinoss/Sugarpops, or Veshzan.


Gerhart a posted Aug 31, 18

We have been extremely busy since Velious launch late Wednesday night in Euroland.

We have earned the following SERVER FIRST kills:

  • Klandicar - in a very fun open world race against our friends from IV2 (grats on your server first Zlandi kill in the race!)
  • Dain
  • Velketor
  • Cazic-Thule 2.0
  • Tunare on 30 Aug

Visit our forums or contact Jobned, Veshzan, or Quinoss in game to talk about joining the team!


More dead things.

One shot Hoshkar.

Nexona gave us real bad loots.

Xygoz is a chump - even with 1 warrior.

And no screenshot of Silverwing when we killed PD the first time because Emari is a dummy and didn't take one.