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Luclin is now clear with our defeat of Aten Ha Ra tonight!

We started out by blasting OW Lord Seru (our second Seru kill).

Guild firsts include all of Akheva including Shei, all of The Deep, and Khati Sha - all kills tonight one shot!

Uinweil Obvious Fake!


Gerhart ao posted Nov 26, 18

Terrible screenshot, but Karmana looks fAbUlOuS!

Congrats on a first smooth, VERY FAST Emp kill guys!

Luclin Things!

Gerhart ao posted Nov 25, 18

19 man Cursed Cycle kill on launch night!

Fun Seru kill tonight!

Ok ok...Velious is now truly complete! ST 2.0 Ancients are dead. Bring on cats on the moon!

Wampuel looks great as a corpse ;)